Southern Values

While I do not consider Florida to be the true "South", a lot of my habits and mannerisms tend to be rooted in southern tradition. I am a fifth generation native Floridian, and my mother's family heritage is from Alabama. We visited her family often when I was young. This is important to know because I typically address people as Ma'am and Sir when I first meet them, even if they prefer a different title. Until I learn otherwise, this is how you should expect to be greeted by me.


Family Background

I am the child of two moderately conservative Christian parents. I have one sibling who, for most of my child and adult life, has been my sister. Recently he has begun transition from female to male. I am very proud of my brother and everything that he has had to endure to get this far.

My parents took the news of me being gay (and my brother being a lesbian) rather hard, especially since we are their only two children. They never stopped loving us, though, and eventually came to understand that sexuality is not a "lifestyle choice" but is how we are born. To this day, both of my parents are staunch supporters of the LGBTQ+ community.


Brady's "Warning Label"

I blame my repression from the elders in my church and other organizations from when I was young on why I have such an open mouth today. I frequently speak my mind, and it may come across in a way that is not pleasing to most people. What's important to know about me, though, is that the intent behind what I am saying is very important, not just the subject of my speech. I often use words or phrases that, by classical definition, have negative connotations associated with them. I do not subscribe to the notion that words or phrases have any inherent connotations; context provides that meaning.

I am also an envelope pusher. This is something I find extreme excitement in. Far too many people, including those in the queer, leather, and BDSM lifestyles, are complacent with things around them remaining the status quo, and they try not to make waves. I am definitely not one of those people. Now, I do not make waves for the sheer purpose of making them. Again, there is typically a purpose behind my motives. Often, I am judged for this behavior without being asked for my motives, but I don't let it worry me for the most part.

Last, I believe in a safer sex, sex positive culture. I am against slut shaming, and I recognize that better education is needed in this realm. Sex, kinks, and anything in this realm is free to be discussed with me; you'll not be judged by me if you're into something that you feel isn't mainstream. I am always looking for people to talk to about their kinks so that I can expand my knowledge of kinks as well as the people who are into them.