I don’t know what else to title this blog post. This post is likely going to be a lot of free thinking and writing that I’m brain dumping in order to get this shit out of my head. I’m tired of keeping it in my head and having it constantly circling around like some swirling turd in a commode. It’s time that it goes down the drain so that the bowl can refill with new water to be useful again.

I Am Thankful

I am thankful that I have the things in my life that I can be thankful for. That statement has been circling around in my head for so long, and I’ve felt so guilty about saying it because I know there are so many people out there right now that are not able to say that they are thankful for things, and that there are people who have concerns about the things that they have taken for granted over the years that they now fear may change for one reason or another (and I’m not just referring to the recent politics, though that has been a majority of it).

I do not begrudge anyone their right to air grievances and concerns about the things that they are concerned about and/or can no longer be thankful for. Therefore, I am expecting the same in kind for my expression of thanks, for I am tired of feeling guilty of being thankful.

I Hope

I hope for a future where all of our predictions about things to come based on past statements and performances by politicians and people who have been sensationalized by the news are wrong. I desperately hope that it is some dystopian construct that the news is sensationalizing for ratings and attention and that it will die down soon. No it won’t go away, because it was there before this all happened, and it is likely to continue as we as a society evolve and grow and learn from experiences. I do everything in my power to promulgate universal joy and expatiate hate and fear.

Accentuating the Positives

I am a person who focuses on the positives in a situation instead of the negatives. It has always been a character trait of mine, sometimes to my chagrin, but one that I hold steadfast. I don’t know what else to say except that I believe in this country, its people, and the spirit of the gay community and our will to survive against all odds. I look around me and wonder sometimes if this is how people felt as they went through The Great Depression: that their experiences, news articles and history would be documented in history books to be later discussed as a subject in grade school. Are we going through something so significant right now that it will be discussed later on in the future in the same relevance? I don’t have any frame of reference with which to comprehend or analyze that thought, let alone draw a conclusion.

No Judgment

As I have always carried myself, and what I expect from my friends is that no judgment will occur from a single instance or act as the summation of one’s character. A lot is going on right now within everyone, and we all need to realize that. I’m tired of the divisiveness and all the lines being drawn in the sand. Eventually, we’re going to find enough lines to draw in the sand that we’ll have surrounded ourselves with lines with no one but ourselves inside our own lines, and that’s not what I believe the American spirit to be.

Plea for Original Content

I did this before, and I’m going to do it again. Stop pushing the share button and start typing. Write your own thoughts in your own status update and post that to Facebook. Right now, all the news media outlets, Facebook pages, and everything else we’re sharing is winning with views, likes, ad views, and revenue from this swirling shitstorm. Or, if you do want to share something, also make it a point to create a separate post with your own original content. I miss the days when I saw actual status updates from friends filling up my news feed. Granted, Facebook is more to blame for that since they filter through a lot of the content and make sure those things are scattered amongst the “share”s, but they’re fewer and far between because we are so happy with that Share button that we’ve lost our own voice.

Use your own voice. Write. Read what you’ve written. Give it careful consideration, make any necessary edits, and then click Post. It is a rewarding thing, I promise you.

I Am NOT The Enemy

Plain and simple. This goes back to the line-drawing that I am seeing and it bothers me. I cannot speak for others, but I can say that I am doing everything I can think to do to help make this world a better place. I was doing this before our President-elect was chosen, and I’ll continue to do it (if not more) after he becomes President. I love all of you and will fully acknowledge that I may say or do things that seem like I am ignorant to things when it comes to race or other protected statuses. I beseech you to help me recognize these ignorant moments when they happen and discuss them with me in private so that I may better understand your perspective and that we may draw a better mutual understanding.

I Love You,
~Brady; Guardian