Hello 2017

Welcome to 2017. 2016 has come to a close, and we are now 36,000 minutes into the next 525,600 minute journey of our lives. How have you been spending yours?


Some resolutions that I am sharing with my readers include my desire to post at least two blog posts per month, and for me to spend more quality time with friends, worrying less about the quantity of time spent. Travel is also something that I want to plan for this year, though I do not anticipate being able to do a lot of it this year. 2018 will probably be the year that I take a couple of trips and I want to know where I should go!

Focusing on Family

I want to focus efforts on keeping in touch with my blood family. I have not done that well as of late, and I am not happy about that. I am hoping to fix this and get back on a good track.

Leather Learning and Development

I have made marked improvement in my Leather Walk, and I want to continue doing this. I want to pick up skills to learn how to maintain my own leather in good condition, and I want to work on my flogging skills further.

Social Media

I can’t avoid talking about the elephant that seems to be in everyone’s room. Social media has changed, and I am not sure how to adapt. At first, I did not want to change anything, but I believe that a change is going to be necessary. I am not yet sure what that change will be, but I am going to try things. How have you adapted any of your social media habits? Have you changed any behaviors recently in an attempt to continue to receive value from this connection?

I Wish

I wish for this to be a prosperous year for us all. I hope for this to happen in any way possible, and through any means in which I am capable of helping should I need to help.