The Queer Pride Flag

Almost every community within the LGBTQ+ umbrella has a symbol for its members to wave as a banner except the Queer community. As I grew into the queer identity, I realized that the Gay Pride flag always stood as a symbol that I have alignment with, but it did not completely connect with who I am as a queer person. I set to task to design a new flag for the Queer community. This is a growing community of people that should feel comfortable identifying themselves as queer individuals.

The flag’s design takes into consideration Gilbert Baker’s 6-color Gay Pride flag with the hot pink stripe added back in. I chose to keep royal blue instead of teal and indigo because I felt the colors should resemble the present-day Gay Pride flag but differ in shape. The hot pink stripe stands for sex. I feel that sex is an inherent part of sexuality and is something that we the Queer community should be proud to express. I decided on two triangles pointed at each other, with the color spectrum fanning out from the center points. I inverted the rainbow on the right side of the flag to symbolize the spectrum that is our sexuality and identity.

Something that I value about being queer is that my path is unique to my own existence and is not predicated on the expectations of others. I realize that not everyone may identify with this symbol, nor am I expecting anyone who calls themselves queer to do so. For those seeking a flag to fly different from their gay peers, I offer this to you.

Queer Pride Flag